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Happy Return

Owner: Amanda DelBello
Homeport: San Diego, CA
L.O.A.: 22'
Beam: 3'
Draft: 3'6"
Year: 1934
Designer: UNKNOWN
Builder: UNKNOWN
Construction: PLANK ON FRAME

Historic Highlights/Interesting Information: Happy Return is the smallest of three Block Island Double Enders built but a Hollywood type in the 1940’s to satisfy his infatuation with the design. Happy Return’s biggest sister Scrimshaw still sails the same waters on San Diego Bay.

“Block Island double were an iconic work boat for Block Island carrying everything from agriculture to mail from the mainland to the island. They were designed specifically to be sailed ashore and grounded for loading and unloading. Much in the same way that pongas are used in modern day third world work boat fleets.

After 72 years she still charms the local San Diego boaters that she sails by with her mid 1600’s rig. Many of the onlookers cry out “What kind of boat is that, it’s so cool.” Her owner Amanda hails back “She’s from the 17th century, Happy Return.”

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